Born as a 5-piece band in 2001, Atomic Ants have hit a total of 450 shows between Italy and the U.K., often supporting several notorious outfits, such as Linea 77, Planet Funk, Panic Cell, Million Dead, 3 Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Forty Winks, Moravagine, 24 Grana, Addiction Crew, I.M.F.’s, Browbeat. The debut album was recorded at the Blue Noise Studio (Trento,Italy) featuring Alex Guadagnoli (Addiction Crew, Earache Records) as artistic producer, and Fabio de Pretis as Sound Engineer. Mastering session was supervised by Mauro Andreolli (Extrema, Ligabue, Negrita, Biagio Antonacci, Daniele Silvestri, Casino Royale, Vision Divine, Addiction, Folder…) at DAS ENDE DER DINGE STUDIO (Trento, Italy) .

“KEEP COOL AND DRY”, was released for Casket Music/Copro Records on January 2006 under a worldwide distribution agreement with Plastic Head. Both Artwork and band logo have been created by Geoffrey Rousselot (Strapping Yound Lad, Devin Townsend band, Annihilator, Biohazard..) for Deep Peace Design.

The album got enthusiastic reviews in Europe as well as the rest of the world, and many songs have been broadcast by radios in U.K., Spain, Belgium, France, Holland, Denmark, Romania, Germany, Greece, Russia, Poland, Argentina, Australia, South Korea, Japan, U.S., and Canada.

Following this release, the band toured the U.K. in Sept. 2006, among their label “Casket Lullabies Tour 2006”, playing 10 gigs between England and the Wales, with smashing live acts in London’s Underworld, Manchester’s Satan Hollow, Melton Keynes’ Pitz, Coventry’s Jailhouse.

While promoting their tour, the band appeared on most popular UK music magazines, such as Kerrang!, Metal Hammer UK, Rock Sound UK, and Terrorizer, and also radios such as London’s TTR (Total Rock Radio) interviewed the band’s singer, Junior. The Casket Lullabies Tour 2006 got 4Ks out of 5, on Kerrang! on its live act review page.

Shortly after the end of the UK tour, the video for their single John G was presented to the italian crowd, as the band hosted a 1-hour show called DATABASE on Italy’s premiere rock/metal TV channel, called ROCK TV. The video was on rotation also on ABC Australia and MatchMusic (Italy).

2007, 2008 and 2009 have been spent in songwriting sessions and live acts. At the very beginning of 2010 A.A. had the great honor to support I.M.F.’s, featuring Dave Abruzzese (Pearl Jam), T.M. Stevens (James Brown, Steve Vai, Tina Turner,), Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones, Duran Duran) and Stevie Salas (Justin Timberlake), on their italian tour.


SanRemoRock and Trend: following 3 live acts during the selection for the top final 15 italian bands for the 2003 edition of the biggest italian contest for rock-alternative bands, Atomic Ants got selected by the jury (Massimo Varini – Guitar player for Nek and A.R. for Warner Music Italy, Walter Sacripanti, Andrea Rosatelli and Andrea Rosi – BMG Records Italy), and scored the first position for english singing bands.

Again , the jury of RITMI GLOBALI EUROPEI, led by Franz di Cioccio (drummer for P.F.M. and A.R. for Fermenti Vivi, an Italian division of Sony Music) for the 2003 edition placed the band among the top-8 bands of the contest.

Same was for their appearance at the "FESTIVAL DELLE ARTI 2003" led by Andrea Mingardi (famous italian songwriter).The jury placed The A.A. between the top-12 bands of that competition. Atomic Ants scored between the top-16 italian bands on “Tendenze 2003” . A CD of this contest has been distributed by Sony Music the same year. Atomic Ants appeared on the tracklist with a demo-version of John G (first single oF KEEP COOL AND DRY).

Both in 2003 and 2004 the band participated to the I-TIM tour, surfing on the italian peninsula and playing in the biggest italian central squares, such as Milan’s Piazza del Duomo and Turin’s Piazza Castello. In Turin, Atomic Ants opened for Articolo 31, Gemelli Diversi and Max Pezzali , standing before a crowd of 5000 people.

Atomic Ants also won the BETO MUSIC FESTIVAL in Novara, with a sulphurous concert in the city stadium in front of 3500 people which attended the event. A month later, the band appeared on a CD compilation called “This Love: A Tribute to Dimebag” in memory of Pantera’s guitar player Dimebag Darrell, with a cover song of Pantera’s Mouth for War. This compilation arose lots of interest on medias all around the world, supported by Roadrunner’s news portal Blabbermouth and Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly).

Their Music

“... Among Metal, Funk, Crossover and much more than that, their sound advances through roundabout coordinates without leaving no stone unturned. A very good technique supports the originality of the songs, which are never boring... It is difficult to image what Atomic Ants’ sound can reach, because the versatile faces of their musical behaviour suddenly hide and appear leaving you shocked...”

“...this creole-sound reaches the edge when melting Funk and Cross-Over / Nu-Metal power and anger, definitely catchy, it bumps into you and makes you shake your butt…”

" Atomic Ants are at their best when re-formulating rock music with hyper-sustained rhythmical approaches, such as the tribal of “Mariah”, the sustained funky of “Fidij” or the industrial of “John G.”..."